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Relief Distribution
Relief distribution at the time of COVID -19 Pandemic.
Recovery of Dead Body
We help to common people to bring dead body from other country.
Social Advocacy and health issue of Transgender
Social Advocacy and health issue of Transgender
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Background of Our NGO

Karna Subarna Welfare Society is a voluntary organization or an NGO working for the upliftment of the most backward classes in the district of Murshidabad since its inception in the year 2006. It has enhanced its credibility in the eyes of local stakeholders through various out-of the-pocket and philanthropic activities for the betterment of the sexually marginalized community, backward communities like SC/ST/OBC & Muslim community across its area of intervention till date. Like “vihaan”, it has brought about positive ray of hope in the life of primitive ethnic group, hailed from the Samaskar village in the district of Murshidabad. Following a two to three year long extensive consultative process involving the local level stakeholders across the district, Karna Subarna Welfare Society emerged as an independent initiative on 24th day of November 2006.


We are ready to work with any organization working for the development of common people.


Your Donation will be used for the poor and needy people of India.

We are having valid 80G, 12A & FCRA Certification.


Join us as Volunteer and work for the humanity.


To work for the development of vulnerable groups especially women and children from the backward classes of the community through various activities related to health, education, community awareness generation, capacity building training, relief work and cultural upliftment in the district of Murshidabad.

To render relief to the victims of natural disasters and aged, sick, helpless and indigent persons in the district of Murshidabad.

To promote activities for generating awareness regarding environmental pollution, gender & social justice, empowerment, human rights & dignity and other related issues in the district of Murshidabad.

To establish the norms of transparency, accountability & democracy based on participatory & consultation approach with the partner organizations.

Message from The Chairperson

Congratulations to KSWS and Secretary Mr. Matiur Rahaman for their commendable efforts in uplifting marginalized groups, including girls, women, transgender individuals, and the economically disadvantaged. Their impactful work resonates globally, extending support to those in need, even in Gulf countries. Wishing KSWS and Mr. Matiur Rahaman a bright future ahead as they continue making a positive difference in the lives of many.

Mrs. Dr. Vandana Srivastava

Key Area of Concern


We work on promotion of education among children belongs to rural areas of West Bengal, India.


Awareness generation camps are organized on various social issues and available schemes of the Government of India.


Job Oriented Training Programme are organized for men and women with the help of other governmental and non-governmental organizations.


Health Checkup camps and awareness programme are organized by the Organization in various parts of West Bengal, India.


Various programmes are organized by our NGO for Child Development whith includes various compositions like Drawings, Singing, Dancing etc.


Legal Help is provided to persons with support of renowned lawyers in our project areas.


Plantation programme are one of the major programme where we try our best to save the environment.


We help people to bring their relative from Foreign Countries.

Latest Rescue from Foreign Country

Message from the Secretary

Today social decay is an inevitable truth existing both in national and international community. Our society is suffering from various evil conditions such as moral, spiritual, ethical, cultural decay, proliferation of unholy activities, deprivation of human rights and trampling the weaker section of the society under the golden chariot of development and so on. Voluntary organization like Karna Subarna Welfare Society is preparedly trying to serve the suffering humanity as well as restoring the decaying society by its benevolent & philanthropic effort since its inception. Deeply moved by some ailing conditions of rural society like poverty, uneducation, lack of knowledge regarding health & wellbeing, oppression of women and children, deprivation of ethnic groups especially in the district of Murshidabad, we had decided to commit ourselves for removing such ailing conditions from my own village at Karna Subarna. Being the damn believer of liberation and upliftment of the oppressed and ostracized people of the society we had devoted ourselves in rendering all possible supports, assistance & services to the resource less within our reach in order to provide them with better life and help them to surge in the mainstream of the society.

It gives us immense pleasure and satisfaction to share the experience of working towards betterment of the tribal people living at Samaskar village in Rangamati Block of Murshidabad District since 2006. In keeping the KSWS’s humanitarian focus on inclusion of ethnic group (like santhal) into the conventional society of Murshidabad district, we have through our own efforts laid special emphasis on promoting health and socioeconomic rights of the tribal people and entitlements of their youths, girls, women & children. We had reached out to every door of that ethnic minority community. To bring about visible change in their life we gave utmost importance at the base of their social pyramid, which was almost plague-ridden by enormous discrimination and exploitation, chronic hunger, malnutrition, diseases and ailments, exclusion from elementary education, alcoholism, STIs/STDs, trafficking and unemployment. With greater visibility of propelling those tribal people into greater prominence we had made every effort to make themselves aware about their rights and well being through several campaigns on health, sanitation, mal impact of substance abuse mainly alcoholism, environmental protection; capacity building programme for their socio-economic growth & development, cultural activities under the aegis of various GOs, NGOs and CBOs both from Murshidabad and abroad. KSWS is still working in the whole gamut of the tribal welfare & development in that particular area through its Free Coaching Centre & Free Tailoring Centre for women & children, Adolescent Health Programme and Free Legal Aid Service mechanism. It is providing succor and hope to the most vulnerable community of the Murshidabad District.

As we embark on another phase in our journey, this is the time for reflections, taking measure of our achievements and learning gathered therein.

Our major achievement in partnership with girls, boys, women and men across our initiatives from local clubs, anganwari workers, community based organizations (CBOs), NGOs, community health workers and self help groups (SHG) in the district of Murshidabad, West Bengal and in the district of Rajshahi, Bangladesh have gone on from strength to strength during the course of our action focused on amelioration of the backward classes in the community.

With huge contentment we are declaring that KSWS is registered under the Societies Act with 11 member organization located in Berhampur, Murshidabad. This voluntary agency has its self-certification in displaying its basic documents such as registration papers; PAN Number and so on and has ability to place those before any of its stakeholder. Leadership to it has been provided by distinguished civil society stalwarts since the cock-crowing morning. Despite such guidance and technical clarity KSWS is facing a financial crunch. There are several new initiatives we are working on to overcome it and we will need to define a niche for ourselves to get kind financial support from Government and Non-governmental Sector for coming year with renewed focus to explore new funding opportunities in the field of stopping human trafficking, preventing female foeticide, rendering legal aid support to the vulnerable section of the society, capacity building training programme for youths from ethnic minority group, advocacy and networking activity in both Murshidabad, WB & Rajshahi, Bangladesh.

We are profoundly hopeful for our growth in the upcoming year with hard work, committed performance of the staff team and generous fund from various funding bodies. We are expressing our sincere gratitude to all our Governing Board Members, partners, beneficiaries and associates who have extend their hand of support in all our endeavours.

Matiur Rahaman

Latest Activities of KSWS

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