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About Us

Karna Subarna Welfare Society is a voluntary organization or an NGO working for the upliftment of the most backward classes in the district of Murshidabad since its inception in the year 2006. It has enhanced its credibility in the eyes of local stakeholders through various out-of the-pocket and philanthropic activities for the betterment of the sexually marginalized community, backward communities like SC/ST/OBC & Muslim community across its area of intervention till date. Like “vihaan”, it has brought about positive ray of hope in the life of primitive ethnic group, hailed from the Samaskar village in the district of Murshidabad. Following a two to three year long extensive consultative process involving the local level stakeholders across the district, Karna Subarna Welfare Society emerged as an independent initiative on 24th day of November 2006.

As we all know that Murshidabad is earmarked as the most ever backward district of West Bengal in respect of fragile financial structure, plague-ridden employment opportunity, petite scope of education, poor accessibility of health and other socio-economic services and above all infestation of several social evils like human trafficking, drug addiction, alcoholism, migrant labour, child labour, smuggling, poor sex ratio, HIV/AIDS etc; environmental disasters and so on. Representatives from the most backward classes of Murshidabad are becoming the hapless victim of the above tribulations at every second. Ignorance and lack of awareness about their well being and rights is restricting that unfortunate segment to overcome their problems and forcefully pushing them into the potholes within the “existing developing society”. They can’t keep pace with the societal growth and becoming marginalized day by day. Especially women and children from the backward classes of the community in Murshidabad are sitting on the volcano as they are becoming the easiest prey of opportunistic hooligans roaming around them. These helpless people are in need of proper care and support & protection and we can’t allow them to be swigged at the bud as responsible human being. Therefore, keeping this cursing social condition in mind, Karna Subarna Welfare Society is continuously striving for bringing about affirmative transformation into the life of SC/ST/OBC/Muslim community and trying to lend a hand towards removing pathetic, pitiable and appalling condition of that particular community.

Karna Subarna Welfare Society believes in greater democracy, transparency and accountability of the organization in giving shape to its dream and adherence of those with great love, affection & utmost dedication. Since the beginning KSWS put special focus on education, health and well being of its beneficiaries through establishing adult education centre, free coaching centre, free tailoring centre, organizing adolescent health awareness programme and other health related awareness programme for sexual minorities in different blocks of Murshidabad district in order to bring about fruitful and sustainable changes in the life of vulnerable groups. Now general people have started counting on these vulnerable groups!!!!

Our Service Office : 1. Prantikpara, Panchanantala, Berhampore Murshidabad, Pin 742101. Contact No. 96350 76881

                                   2. Dakshinayan 3rd Lane, Chinsurah, Hooghly Pin 

Working For

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To promote, facilitate and strengthening of vulnerable groups specifically women and children from the backward class of the community through proper enlightenment and effective participation in the overall development in a sustainable manner.


Creation of a sustainable society where poor peasants, women and children & other downtrodden persons from SC/ST/OBC/Muslim Community/Sexually Marginalized Community are assured of having peace, social justice, gender equity, basic needs and amenities, which ensures better quality of life.


  • Registration No: S/IL/40757 dated 24.11.2006 under Societies Registration Act of West Bengal Act XXVI Of 1961
  • FCRA Registered NO – 147050093R dated 01.10.2012
  • Registered under 80G (Unique Registration Number   AAAAK9610RF20231)  &   12A (Unique Registration Number   AAAAK9610RE20128)  of Income Tax Act 1961
  • PAN Card No : AAAAK9610R TAN No. :  BBNK01086B
  •   NITI Aayog  Registration No. (All India NGO Partnership Registration No) : WB/2011/0041512
  • registration No. : No. SO140757 of 2006-2007

Approach of Our Society

Main approach of the organization is to support the vulnerable groups specifically women and children from the backward class substantially in their developmental programme through participatory decision making process and promoting sustainability in an effective manner.


Board members are not related by blood or marriage. The term of each board member is 3 years. Governing Body leads the organization with the ultimate authority of guiding organization and to ensure that the objectives of the organization are achieved.

MANAGEMENT : The Berhampore Office Karna Subarna Welfare Society is given power to establish association, on behalf of KSWS in respect of projects’ implementation and rapport with the funding resources and execute few projects of its own, considered to be soundly envisaged and managed for geographical reasons with a formal permission from the Managing Committee, is headed by the Secretary & assisted by the Programme Executive with their office located at Panchanantala, Berhampore. At present the Secretary & Programme Executive is primarily responsible for implementation of Free Tailoring Centre, Free Coaching Centre, and HIV/AIDS Social Advocacy for Sexually Marginalized Community Project, Adolescent Health Management Project and Legal Awareness Campaign. The Secretary is also the Implementing Head of the projects which are being operated from our Registered Office at Samaskar Village, Berhampore. However, the quarterly progress reports and internal audit statements, in terms of the projects being run under KSWS is regularly placed before the Managing Committee, through the Secretary, to evaluate it about the status and progress of any project and for obtaining the necessary approval for launching new project or taking any decision regarding staffing, planning and other related organizational activities.

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