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Free Coaching Centre

Karna Subarna Welfare Society has taken major task of making the true future assets of our nation by imparting conventional education to the students from underprivileged section of the society particularly belong to SC/ST/OBC & other socially marginalized communities in Nabagram, Sagardighi, Kandi & Berhampur Block of Murshidabad District. Rural students have less access than urban one to productive educational resources, services and opportunities. Lack of proper guidance especially on Mathematics and English makes them outnumbered in the existing rat race of the education system and they often turn out to be drop out in the long run. Survey by KSWS underscore the social costs of rural drop-outs’ lack of education, linking it directly to high rates of migration, human trafficking, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS infection. In order to take away those social evils from the life of rural students of Class V- X in Nabagram, Sagardighi, Kandi & Berhampur Block, KSWS has tried to put a hedge round those students by running a Free Coaching Centre since 2006. It helps the children to go forward by making them well equipped with sound knowledge and skill in all the subjects. Children those who are hailed from destabilized economic background are being helped through this centre. Lots of students (whose head of the families are staying outside their natal soil and engaged in rag picking, daily wage earning, that can’t provide them with daily two square of meals) were taught totally free of cost by three experienced teachers in the above said blocks in order to “loosen the soil around the students so that their skills may come out easily”.

Free Tailoring Centre

Survey conducted by KSWS has revealed that SC/ST/OBCs are the most marginalized section of the society, therefore to assist their socio-economic development; there is an imperative need to provide more employment avenues and income generation opportunities through enhancing their capacity in the district of Murshidabad.

Karna Subarna Welfare Society has shown its special and pioneering function in the field of capacity building training programme for tribal women and adolescent girls since its inception. The organization runs its Free Tailoring Centre at Jadupur village where, about 45 tribal women and adolescent girls has received training on tailoring like cutting and stitching in order to make themselves stand on their own feet. KSWS is receiving support from the stakeholders for enhancing its activities of Free Tailoring Centre. Empowerment of rural women thus helps them in supplementing their family income.

It is aimed at upgrading the skills of the tribal youths in various traditional/modern vocations depending upon their educational qualification, present economic trends and the market potential, which would enable them to gain suitable employment or enable them to become self employed in near future.

Advocacy & Networking

Creating an enabling environment for spawning mass movement against any kind of social evil is an imperative need in the district of Murshidabad. By building effective partnership with various GOs, NGOS, CSOs & CBOs in and around Murshidabad and establishing rapport with different stakeholders, KSWS is trying to carve its own niche in the social development sector as the strong weapon to erase out various social tribulations from tranquil environment of the respective district. KSWS is supporting Government and Civil Society Organizations to improve the enabling environment against various social evils like trafficking, child marriage, marital breakdown, HIV/AIDS, alcoholism & other substance abuse, marginalization of sexually minorities, etc since its initiation.

Blood Donation Programme

Our Society organized Blood Donation camp and motivated as well as organized another NGO / Society’s to work on the nobel cause. A team of doctors and nurses from the local Govt. hospital always present on the event. Apart from the male donor women and girls from respective locality and adjacent places also participate in the camp. The donated blood would be used for saving the lives of the injured and the sick. We arrange a programme where we discuss about facts/ myths/ Blood Groups related information with the common people.

HIV/AIDS Awareness

We have sorted out enormous number of mindfulness program on HIV/AIDS/STD in our diverse undertaking territories. Or on the other hand target bunches are asphalt tenants, who are relocated them neighborhood states, Shanty inhabitants, and ghetto occupants. The age gathering of our objective gathering is 18 to 15 years and talked about in our awareness camp.

Legal Awareness Camps

Substantial impact of KSWS’s IEC Programme on behavior changes (in case of dealing with legal matter) in the impoverished households at Berhampore Block of Murshidabad District in respect of early marriage practices, awareness on divorce laws, dowry, female foeticide, etc is evident from the end line study. This has been possible due to sustained interventions, which are tailored for the specific needs of the community’s development through area & community IEC strategies on legal matter.

MSM/LGBTQ Intervention Programme

The goal of the programme is to ensure early diagnosis of STI/STD/HIV/AIDS infection and to increase outreach and education efforts to encourage MSM/LGBTQ population of Murshidabad district and Cooch Behar District of west Bengal to know their STI/STD/HIV/AIDS status, engage in behaviours that reduce their risk of becoming infected with mentioned infections and transmitting STI/STD/HIV/AIDS if currently infected. KSWS has provided comprehensive STI/STD/HIV/AIDS related services to the MSM/LGBTQ friends including education and prevention interventions, STI/STD/HIV/AIDS counselling and rapid testing, case management, support groups and Social advocacy to increase effectiveness in promoting access to services. KSWS, through its MSM/LGBTQ Intervention Programme provides young homosexual men with STI/STD/HIV/AIDS education and risk reduction information with an emphasis on promoting and reinforcing safer behaviour through enhanced decision making skills. Participants received interpersonal skill training in negotiating and sustaining appropriate behaviour changes.

Cultural Programme

Our Society organized a TablaPhilia Programme colaborate with Chandayan USA 22 Tabla Player 4 Vocal and one Conductor, who are come from USA, Poland, Hongkong , Jarmani, Indian – Bangalore, New Delhi, Jharkhand, West Bengal etc.

We regularly organize various cultural programme by our own resources and sometime in collaboration with various local organization like Madhya Banglar Sangram.

Trafficking, child Marriage, Domestic Violence etc.

We are continuously working to prevent Trafficking, Child Marriage and Domestic Violence in rural, urban and semi-urban areas of Murshidabad district of West Bengal, India.

Social Advocacy and health issue of Transgender

On August 11, 2015 Karna Subarna Welfare Society, in collaboration with Madhya Banglar Songram had organized an Awareness Programme/Camp on Sexual Health. It was held at Lalbagh in Murshidabad District. The Chief Guest of the programmes was Aniruddha Dutta, eminent professor of IOWA University, USA. Approximately 60 transgender friends had participated in the programme.

The programme addressed the vulnerability of transgender community varying in age, economic status, cultural background; religious beliefs etc. that calls for sexual health interventions, which are flexible and responsive to their needs. The programme was organized keeping these in mind and it planned to increase the health seeking behaviour in the transgender group and provide them with the right knowledge about various aspects of healthy sexual life. Duronto Barta, a local newspaper had covered the entire programme.

PC & PNDT Programme - Save The Girl Child Awareness Programme

In an attempt to abolish female foeticide, a scourge of the prospering district like Murshidabad in West Bengal for a very long time, KSWS had organized the mentioned programme for the purpose of spreading knowledge on the issue among members of Municipal Wards as well as common people living primarily at Kandi Block. The programme covered various topics like importance of girl child, stopping sex-selective abortions, maintaining gender balance and equality in the society etc. by keeping an eye on the prominent contribution of the Ward Members as responsible public figure. Duronto Barta, a local newspaper had covered the entire programme.

Karna Subarna Welfare Society had organized one Sensitization Programme at Kandi Block in Murshidabad on November 30, 2015 under the flagship of PC&PNDT Programme run by Child In Need Institute (CINI, Murshidabad). Total 540 people from 18 Municipal Wards of Kandi Municipality participated in the programme. The programme continued till 4.00 pm.

Advocacy for reduction in sexual harassment of children in the District

As society has a moral obligation to protect our children from abuse and neglect, so KSWS has developed an advocacy mandate to stop sexual abuse of children in the district of Murshidabad, which contains the followings-

• Every child has the right to grow up in a safe and nurturing environment
• Child abuse is a crime and should be treated as such
• The primary focus of communities, child protective agencies, child line, police and courts should be on the safety
of the child rather than the rights of the parents
• Advocates appointed to represent children should have an enforceable obligation to the child
• When a child reports being sexually molested or physically abused, the child should be protected by responsible agencies
• Child protective agencies should be held accountable for negligent failure to protect children in their charge.

KSWS has successfully dealt with two sensitive cases related to child abuse and neglect in the district of Murshidabad. One of the representatives of KSWS, Ms. Pinky Das, has efficiently rehabilitated one abandoned girl to Shilayan Home who was the victim of her mother’s torture. Ms. Das’s networking skill is noteworthy enough.

Advocacy for facilitating better and corruption-free sanitation programme

The very existence of KSWS is already a prominent example of successful advocacy in the district of Murshidabad. The representative of KSWS has lobbied government representatives on the importance of sanitation programme as well as presence of hidden-corruption associated with the same eventually leading the Government Department in the district of Murshidabad to take necessary action. The KSWS, in turn, in its major advocacy exercise, has put the spotlight on urgent problem of poor sanitation, malpractices pertaining to construct low cost sanitation facility and draws politicians and decision-makers, the media, and the public into a dialogue about how to solve this crisis.

Plantation or Environmental Programme

We are working to save our planet from environmental pollution. Lots of programme taken for Plantation and Enviornmental Awareness in various areas.

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